He was called MERCURY by the Romans.

The rooster, the tortoise, the lyre, the Talaria and the Caduceus.

THE ROOSTER represents the day or the light, but the power of Word, the Music of the Spheres! The Word is the power Hermes used to communicate with mortals. Hermes, it is said, is the god of eloquence.

THE TORTOISE is patience. A great virtue for all those who want to communicate with the gods.

THE LYRE another symbol of music, representing harmony.

THE TALARIA (The Winged sandals) depicts the ability to fly, in other words, the ability to go where the gods are.

THE CADUCEUS (Symbol of modern medicine) represents the inner energies and the Kundalini. Ida, Pingala and Shushunna are three main canals taught in Kundalini yoga. The one in the center is Shushunna. The other two go are canals going from the Muladhara Chakra to the Sahasrara Chakra crossing each other on the way and making the number eight (8), which is the symbol of infinite if it is placed in a horizontal way.

More about the caduceus and the serpent go to the meaning of the serpent, link at the bottom.


It is said that Hermes stole Apollo’s oxen. He ate some. Apollo wanted his oxen back, but Hermes gave him his Lyre instead, so Apollo accepted and they became friends.
Hermes and Maia on the picture.

MAIA (Something really interesting):

Maia or Maya (In Greek mythology) was one of the Pleiades, a daughter of Atlas. She was Hermes’ mother.
Maia or Fauna (In the Ancient Roman tradition) was the goddess of fertility and chastity and was called BONA DEA (The good Goddess). Her attribute was the serpent.
Maya was the name of Buddha’s mother.
In the Mahabharata (Sacred books of India) it is mentioned THE KING OF THE MAYAS.
The fifth moth of a year is called MAY and Mother’s day is celebrated in this month. Coincidence?
There is another divine woman related to MAIA, her name is MARY or MARIA (Spanish). Let’s drop the letter “R” in both cases and we get this:
MARY => MAY and MARIA => MAIA (Coincidence again?)
Actually the angel GABRIEL is the messenger of God in Christianity. He came to tell Mary about his son to be and he came to Samson's n mother to tell her about her son and to command her not to cut his hair.

How that can be? Isn’t that a contradiction? How can a robber be the messenger of the gods? Would you trust a robber?
Well, actually Hermes is a robber, but not in the way we might think of. Let’s see how we can explain this.

Well, the fact is he is the messenger of the gods.  He actually brings, to humans, messages from Zeus, the father of the gods.
Let’s picture the human condition: LIVING IN MAYA (ILLUSION).  Illusion is the way we perceive the world and life. It is in a very selfish way. We always think the best of ourselves and we always think about what we need and not about the needs of other persons. This condition is called ILLUSION or DARKNESS.
How can light (enlightenment) come to us in such a condition? We need to study the BUDDHA to understand human’s condition and the need of enlightenment. The matter is LIGHT MUST COME TO US TO UNDERSTAND OURSELVES, LIFE AND OUR OBJECTIVE IN THIS UNIVERSE.
HERMES is the one who brings the message from the gods, the light.  Let’s remember the caduceus of Hermes. It actually represents the Kundalini and the two channels (Ida and Pingala) on the sides of the Shushunna Nadi, where the Kundalini is.
So, in order to get this light, we must steal the power of the Kundalini.  Hermes represents this capacity to get the light or to steal the light and bring it to us. In order to do this you need to learn Yoga and meditation. 


This is a nice symbol of power and wisdom. It has two serpents representing Ida and Pingala. The staff in the center is the spinal, Shushunna is right inside of the spinal. These are the three main nadis of our system.

The wings represent freedom. We need to have higher levels of energy to defeat the mind and get real freedom. what kind of freedom? Freedom from our mind.

Our mind creates all the problems we have. yes, it help us a lot to learn and be better. Yes, We need our mind to study. The problem is the other side of the mind. It makes us think too much when we are under pressure. We get worry because of our mind.

The Bagavad Gita (It means: The song of the Lord), a brilliant book from the wisdom of India, indicates the need to control our mind, as Buddha did. Actually it states that our mind can be our best friend or our worst enemy. it becomes the best friend for the yogi who can control it, but the worst enemy for the one who is under its power.

The root of the Caduceus of mercury is right at the MULADHARA CHAKRA, that is why it is called THE ROOT CHAKRA.The Kundalini, our main energy, is trapped in that chakra. It develops through the spinal till our head. Then it is a channel that connect the Muladhara Chakra with the Sahasrara chakra, the crown chakra. This means, controlling our energies we control our mind.

Both serpents (Ida and Pingala) makes the number eight. If we make that number in a horizonal position then we get the symbol of infinite. That means,  we develop all our potentials when we develop the Kundalini.