He was called THE FATHER OF THE GODS. He became the greatest and wisest god for the Nordics! According to myth he went to Mimir’s well to drink its water to be wise. But Mimir asked for one eye as a payment for the water. Odin did not refuse and gave up one eye.

This is very interesting because we remember Moses taking water form a rock when his people were in the desert. Obviously, water does not come from any rock, but the meaning here is a spiritual water to purify his people, rather than a physical water to drink! The same we can say about this water from the well. Why he had to lose an eye? It is not so literal. Let’s recall Horus, sun of Osiris, who lost an eye when fighting Seth, his uncle. The eye of Horus became a very important symbol in the ancient Egypt. It represents the power to see beyond human limits. It represents the Third Eye or AHNA chakra and the capacity of watching everything!

Odin had two ravens: Huginn and Muninn, Thought and Memory respectively. They were flying around the world and bringing news to Odin. Using our imagination we can see this: Thoughts come from intelligence and memory is a picture or several pictures of the past. We use pictures to remember, we visualize the past. Then those two ravens were not birds, but two great capacities that Odin had: Intelligence and visualization! Both of them give us control of life. A person without intelligence cannot live properly, but intelligence alone does not go so far, it needs visualization. Visualization is the capacity to see reality or to create reality! That power of visualization let Odin to see all worlds!

The way you visualize life is the way of life you have. The way you visualize yourself is the way you are. Visualizing is really important. We need to visualize what we really want from life to have what we really want. Well, that is another topic, but I just wanted to mention its importance so you can understand why Odin had it!
Yes, Odin had a very especial horse, it had eight legs. Isn’t that amazing? Yes, it is another symbol. Let’s remember Buddha’s path. He explained the Four Noble Truths and the fourth is: The Noble Eightfold Path. Yes, those eight legs are referring to eight ways to achieve wisdom or real freedom, which ultimate goal is happiness!

One more thing: According to myth he hanged upside down for nine days to receive the Runes (Secrets) to help humanity. Those runes became a sacred alphabet containing secrets of the universe.


This is the greatest and most famous god of the Nordics. Lord of the thunder and the storm! His hammer (Mjolnir) was a gift from Odin, his father. That hammer was really mighty! Thor uses it to create the thunders and lightings.  Thor had a chariot pulled by two goats: Toothgnahser and Toothgrinder.

Odin wanted a son to be his successor, so he conceived that son with Gaea (Earth). Odin brought his offspring to Asgard to raise him with his step-brother Loki, who was always jealous of Thor.

Thor received his hammer when he was eight years old, but he had to be a worthy warrior to get it. So, he became the most powerful and popular warrior; but his pride and arrogance grew up too. He almost causes a great war between the Frozen Giants and the gods. So Odin punished him sending him to Earth as a mortal and without his hammer.

He was among humans for ten years (The number ten is the wheel of fortune, which traps those souls who forgot the path to the superior Kingdom, Asgard) till finally he learnt his lesson of humility. Odin brought him back to make him his successor and Odin gave him back his powers.

Thor became so smart and brave that he turned into the protector of gods and humans.

 He god married to Sif, goddess of fertility. He had a mistress called Jarnaxa. Sif had golden hair, which Loki cut off. Thor made him promise to get the dwarfs to make new golden hair for her. Loki had no other choice and he did it. Thor had two kids with   Sif: a daughter Thrud, which means strength and a son Modi, which means Brave.

Alvis was a dwarf who was in love with Thrud, Thor’s daughter. The god of the Thunder did not want him to marry his daughter, so he made a plan. He knew Alvin was arrogant and talkative, so he made thirteen questions. Alvin was gladly answering all of them, but he did not notice the sun was coming out and when he found that out, it was late… He became a rock. Thor’s plan worked and saved his daughter from that marriage.
A jotun called Trim stole Thor’s Hammer. He would returned it back if the goddess Freyia married him. She did not want. Thor was really mad, but a plan came out. He dressed like woman to pretend he was Freyia and he went to Trim’s house. Just before the marriage Trim gave Thor his hammer. He took off his custom and killed Trim and his whole family.
The last battle of the Thunder god was to face the horrible serpent Midgard! He won the battle and died after giving nine steps! The number nine is the number of victory on the field of the battle. The Bible says in Revelation that 144,000 will be saved! Adding those numbers we have the number NINE!


KVASIR, according to the Norse Myth, was the wisest god of Asgard. He was born from the saliva of the gods. Nobody was wiser than him. Nevertheless, he was killed by two dwarfs.  

Those two dwarfs drank Kvasir blood with honey to get the wisdom of him. Eventually, they gave that mead to a giant who kept the mead within a mountain.

Odin went to work for that giant. Odin asked for the mead as payment, but the giant refused. So, The father of the gods asked the giant to make a whole in the mountain and he did so. Then, Odin turned himself into a serpent to get in the whole. He found the giant’s sister in the other side. Odin was with her for three days and finally he asked for three sips of the mead. She accepted, but Odin drank all and turned into an eagle to fly back to Asgard.

Odin spited out the mead into three jars and the gods promised to guard it forever until  the end of times come.


That mead (similar to beer) is the AMBROSIA of the Greeks, the pulque (A milky alcoholic drink) of the Aztecs (iT WAS THE BLOOD OF mayahuel), the CHICHA of the Incas and so on. All cultures talk about this magical drink able to give not just wisdom, but immortality. The Alchemists, in the middle age, were supposed to have the fountain of eternal youth. It is the same drink of magical powers.

 This marvelous drink make drunk to mortals, but it makes powerful to the gods. It is the wine of Bacchus (The god of wine of the Greeks).

Whoever gets this drink must learn self-control before trying to drink just a drop, otherwise he will be drunk forever!

That miraculously drink is a representation of the inner energies and therefore of the Kundalini. The serpent of power. Please check THE MEANINGOF THE SERPENT. Now you can understand why Odin became a serpent.

You must become a serpent first, according to the Aztec tradition, and after that an eagle. When you are an eagle then you are free! The eagle must eat the serpent. It was written so in the ancient wisdom of the Aztecs and Mayas. Now you can understand why the flag of Mexico has an eagle eating a serpent.

If you would like to know more about the wisdom of South America then visit: THE MAYAS, AZTECS AND INCAS. They really had a great wisdom and they were not savages at all! Well, we are talking about their golden age.

If you want to know more about the Kundalini and the Chakras then visit YOGA MEDITATION CHAKRAS KUNDALINI AND MORE, where we will post more articles.


TYR WAS THE GOD OF WAR AND THE LAW KEEPER. It is said he was the main ruler of the Nordic gods and, in some point, Odin took his place. There are some theories about how Odin took that place. Well, I will give you mine below…

First, let’s check this out: The gods wanted to chain the wolf Fenrisulfr (Fenrir), but it was breaking every single chain. Finally the dwarfs made a special chain made of roots of a mountain and hair from a woman’s beard! Nevertheless the wolf did not wanted and it accepted with one condition: Someone should put his hand in its yaws. TYR did it in order to have the wolf chained. When the beast found out it was deceived then it bit Tyr’s hand. So, the latter, lose his hand!

The questions are:
             What all this mean?
            What does Tyr mean?
            What is the meaning of Fenrisulfr?

      Well, here we go:

There are laws in the cosmos. They are a need to have the balance in the universe. Duality IS a need to have harmony; but harmony happens when duality is in balance. Balance is a need for the order of the universe, for nature and our life.

THE WOLF represents JUSTICE. Anubis (On the right), the great jackal was the main judge of the Karma law in Egypt. Its Jackal face (a dog or wolf like mask) represents objectivity or justice without prejudice and at the same time, it represents implacable law! Nevertheless, Anubis was always represented with a staff and the cross ankh. The staff represents “Punishment”; the cross is “Mercy”. The Great law is not just pain or punishment, but it has mercy. Karma as a law of pain is not right; the other side is DARMA (Mercy). Karma without mercy is brutality, mercy without a price for breaking the law is complicity.


Do you remember the story of ROMULUS AND REMUS? Do you really think a she wolf nursed them? Well, I believe the she wolf was a representation of the law. Both of them mean JUSTICE AND MERCY!

Fenrisulfr represents the ferocity of the law! It is the law of Karma in action. You most pay every time you break the law whatever you know about it or not!

TYR represents MERCY or Darma. He gives up his hand in order to have the wolf controlled. Karma is controlled and even can be forgotten if some one does a big sacrifice. Please, do not take this as a physical meaning.  Tyr never gave his hand to bit eating by the wolf. Actually that wolf is not an animal, but a symbol of the law. The hand represents qualities that we all have. Sometimes we have to sacrifice those qualities or even the thing we love the most in order to have a better future or a better life. In other words, sacrifice means the capacity or giving up something to pay Karma and acquire something else, Darma.
We can understand, following these thoughts, why Odin got the power or became the ruler of the gods. Tyr gave up that position to become the Merciful god to keep the harmony of the universe and be able to defeat the law by the power of his love.