It is really interesting how all cultures explain the myths of the creation. All ancient civilizations say we were living in a special place where we were totally happy and free; but all say we were expelled form that marvelous paradise.

All cultures explain about the four ages or stages of humanity. How we came out form that Golden Age and got into the actual Iron Age. Let’s study the creation and how humanity was expelled!


It was darkness and nothing else, according to the Greek Myth of creation, but a bird with dark wings. This bird laid a golden egg, form this egg, after ages, came out EROS, the god of love. Sky came out from half of the egg; it was called Uranus by Eros. Earth came out form the other half of the egg; it was called Gaia by Eros.

Other version says: In the beginning only Chaos and Amorphous existed. They were surrounded by water and its god OCEANUS and the goddess EURYNOME. She wanted to make order out from Chaos, so she made love to the serpent Ophion and she gave birth to EROS, the god of love. Eurynome danced over the waters to separate the sky form the sea.

Here, on both versions the first born was EROS that is why he is called PROTAGONUS (The first born).

Amazingly it is similar to the Bible, where it is said: In the beginning only chaos and the water existed and the spirit of God (Some Spanish versions say it was flapping its wings) was in the waters. Please check the POPOLVUH.

Let’s continue with the Greek Myth:

Gaia and Uranus made love and they created giants called the Titans. One of them was Chronus (Time). He had six sons. Chronus’ parents told him one day one of his sons will overpower him and become the ruler. So, this titan ate all his sons but one: Zeus. Rhea (Chronus’ wife) deceived him and made him swallow a stone dressed with some clothing.

Zeus grew up and he went to face his father. He made Chronus to throughout his siblings: HESTIA, DEMETER, HERA, HADES AND POSEIDON. All six fought against the titan and lead by Zeus the defeated the giant!

Well, this is very interesting! We cannot take this as it is, but we need to understand the meaning. How a god can be immortal if he/she does not defeat time? Time destroys beauty, intelligence, strength, memory and youth.  So whoever wants to be immortal most defeat time!

Ok, let’s continue: Zeus sent Prometheus and Epimetheus to Earth in order to create animals and men. The latter made all animals and he used all gifts for the animals. Prometheus made men to the image of the gods. When he learnt not gift was left over he went to still the fire of the gods to give men as a gift!

When Zeus knew about this he punished Prometheus. He chained him to a rock and everyday an eagle was coming to eat his liver. Day by day his liver was back to normal and the eagle was coming to eat it again! What a torture! What a punishment!

What does it mean?

THE FAIR! Is there another thing like it? It is so interesting and marvelous! Some people think the gods needed it to cook and that was the reason Zeus god mad. Prometheus did not still that kind of fire, but a fire which represents light and power!

Zeus god mad because men might not use that fire in a proper way. Actually, men do not know how to control themselves, so… How can they control their power? Prometheus gave that special faire to the wrong persons and he had to be punished! That kind of fire is the fire of the Kundalini, the Xicoatl or Xiuhcoatl (See picture on the left) of the Aztecs or Quetzalcoatl. Please read QUETZALCOATL, THE FEATHEREDSERPENT.

ALL ANCIENT CULTURES WORSHIPED THE SUN: FIRE! Well, it was not the sun itself, but the meaning. Aztecs called it: THE HEART OH THE SKY, THE LIFE GIVER! Certainly, without sun we all die! Without the inner fire we die! I will add a post to explain the meaning of the fire, please wait for it.

When this fire is not used properly, then it develops desire for power and pleasure! Prometheus was punished to give that to men and after that, men was trapped into desire for power and pleasure! Now we need someone to come to help us. Who could that be? Who else if not Hercules? That is what the myth says. Hercules came one day to free Prometheus from that horrible punishment. Yes, the greatest of all heroes came to the rescue. He represents the power of will, self-control!

Well, what happened next?

It is said the gods made Pandora giving her all the best things they had, I love that! So, when it was Zeus turn he gave her a box warning her not to open it! Then she was sent to live with Epimetheus. Guess what? Yes! One day she opened the box and from it all horrible things came out: Envy, hatred, jealousy, etc… Only one thing remained in the box: HOPE!

It is said that humanity has only one thing: HOPE. Yes, we can destroy each other, but there is hope that one day we will understand the real meaning of life. Then we will learn to be real humans with a heart full of comprehension, tolerance, forgiveness, love, etc. Isn’t that what we need?

What does Pandora represent? Why, again, a woman brings misfortune? How is that possible if women are so beautiful?

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Well, women are the most beautiful creature in the planet and men are so weak in front of them! Women represent beauty, tenderness, the most beautiful desire of men. So, women are not bad, but they are the biggest temptation of any man. That is the symbol in the different myths of creation.

Let's remember EVE in the Bible, Kundry in Parsifal, Samson and Delilah and so on. Men are always weak in front of a woman. That was known in ancient traditions. They are the greatest temptation for man. So, they have a great power and they have to be smart to use it to help their men.

Eve’s intention was not bad. She wanted to be like God. How that could be bad? The problem is she disobeyed the main rule and she had to pay the consequences. That is a meaning of a trial she had to overcome, but she did not and brought men to a wrong pass. Was that what she wanted? Not at all.

Pandora’s Box and the apple in the garden are just symbols. Otherwise we were prevented to not eating apples, tight? So, the symbol is to keep and respect the rules of the universe. Remember: COSMOS (From Greek = ORDER) or the universe is in harmony and the rules of the universe are there to keep harmony and order. When someone violates those rules then a price must be paid: PAIN!