Thor, it is a nice movie.

We can see now days how people still interesting in ancient myths. Why?  It is simple, because myths have a special magic. We love heroes, action, adventure and the sense of security that we look for. Myths have an inner wisdom that is ancient and modern all the time!

This is a nice movie to be watched! Why? Well, it is an action movie; it has romance, fight, mythology, magic, power, and a very nice message to modern societies.

Thor is destined to be Odin’s successor, but his brother (Loki) full of envy betrays him. First Loki betrays Odin’s commands telling the Giants how to get into Asgard. Thor bravely goes with his friends to find out how the giants got into the city. The battle starts when the giants asked them to go away. Odin had to go for his son and his friends and Thor is expelled by his father and he is sent to Earth. His hammer is sent close to him.  But he is not able to take it because he is mortal now and he has not the power…

Thor gets in love…. Apparently Odin dies, but there is a plan. Loki sent the destroyer (A big robot) to kill Thor. Thor’s friends go to help him, but they cannot do much against the big robot. Thor gives his life in order to safe the humans and his love.  Then the hammer goes to him. He defeats the robot and goes to Asgard to get back his kingdom.

He fights against Loki and Odin helps him. But Loki fell to… Earth! So we can expect a second part for sure…

It is a relly nice movie an dI recomend you to watch it. Thos has a special magic!


One: Envy is really dangerous. It makes you betrays anyone in order to get what a person wants!

Another one: Arrogance makes you crazy and week! When you think you can do everything alone, you are wrong! We all need help to improve and achieve what we really want!

One more: Humility lets you hear advises to improve yourself and achieve what you really want. Humility is so great that it makes you achieve the greatest deed!